the greatest illusion of humanity
& awaken to the sublime reality

Sublime Reality Forum

discover the greatest human illusion
and ways to overcome it


The following projects are in the planning stage.

  • Publish media like ebooks about sublimism.
  • Make a catchy teaser (very short video) to introduce sublimism, or even a short movie.
  • Start a petition to all of humanity and especially people with educating roles to make all efforts to free humanity from the shackles of skeletonism.
  • Invite people of different philosophical views or traditions to this site to present how their view or tradition supports sublimism and what its concept of the sublime reality is. To avoid charge of bias, the presentation can only be published once we have at least all the major views represented.
  • Start a page with articles and a blog.
  • Translate this site into other languages.
These projects depend on your support. Please join our efforts!