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Leading a Sublime Life

Now that we have understood the value of sublimism and the phallacy of skeletonism, how can we discover the sublime reality? How can we fully awaken from the skeleton dream to the sublime reality, to our real selves and to our real, sublime natures, likings and engagements? What are the recommended practices - should we do scientific research or meditate or pray?

Although physical science can help to rule out skeletonism, it may not be able establish the sublime reality because of its limitation to gross appearances. We are thus advised to simultaneously explore spiritual sciences, in other words the spiritual traditions and religions. This, however, is beyond the boundaries of sublimism, which is purposely non-commital in terms of spiritual traditions. The sublimists are encouraged to explore different spiritual techniques and practices from different traditions and see what actually works. On this site, we can only recommend some universal practices:

  • Always remember that you are a sublime being, only residing in the material body, and that your real self is not related with the material body and its designations. Our real self is yet to be discovered.
  • Increase all activities that help you to remember this and decrease those that make you forget it.
  • Try to find spiritual practices that enable you to actually realize the sublime reality in all its aspects. Outside of dogma, there is no reason why we have to wait till after death - it is theoretically possible to realize the entire sublime reality in this very moment.
  • If you decide to practice within a certain tradition, be careful not to assimilate those elements that compromise with sublimism (for example skeletonistic beliefs that people born in a certain human nation, race, or cast are more advanced than others - these are things related to the material body and not to the self).
  • Don't try to fly before you have grown your wings. Be realistic about being materially embodied; give your body proper nutrition and care and remain respectful to your bodily relatives.
  • Meet with other sublimists as much as possible. In the company of skeletonists, we easily forget the sublime reality and become absorbed by the skeleton dream.
  • Take a firm decision with other sublimists to dedicate your energy to the sublime reality and support each other in this effort.