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Arguments and evidence supporting the concept of sublimism are given on our homepage. This page is only dedicated to describing the benefits of sublimism, which are as follows:

1. Approaching Truth

Nobody likes untruth. All things and relations based on our skeletonistic identity are factually untrue and insubstantial, because they are based on illusory conceptions, just like all things in a dream are dream-stuff only.

People may be reluctant to wake up from the skeletonist dream like Plato’s cave men who are reluctant to leave the dark cave, but once we wake up to the sublime reality, we will be ever glad to have done so. We may express it in the following little poem:

Truth, even if bitter, as a blessing you shall greet

For once welcomed, it reveals its true form ever sweet

Some people may claim that sublimism means fleeing substantial reality into something insubstantial and intangible. But in fact sublimism means to end insubstantial illusion and untruth and face the truth; the sublime reality. A dream only seems real as long as we don’t know we are dreaming. As soon as we wake up, we realize that all things in the dream were only dream-stuff. Similarly, when we wake up from the dream of skeletonism, we realize that the material things we deemed substantial are in fact insubstantial dream-stuff.

To illustrate this point, let us observe a dreaming person finding gems. This person will think it wise to collect all the gems, but when she wakes up, she will be disappointed, because she has uselessly wasted her time collecting dream-gems that cannot be had after all. Another person who has the same dream, but becomes aware that she is dreaming (this mental state is called ‘lucid dreaming’) will not waste time collecting dream-gems. She will invest her time better. If she is wise, she will do things in her dreams that have benefit in the awakened state. Expert lucid dreamers are even able to awaken from sleep at will.

Similarly, our skeletonistic ‘reality’ only seems real as long as we don’t know that it is like a dream. A person who is engrossed in the dream of skeletonism will invest all his life in collecting material dream-gems (such as material wealth, material knowledge, material happiness, reputation and relations). If we know skeletonism to be illusory (we may call this mental state ‘lucid living’), we will minimize our material activities and invest more in the quest of real life – sublime life. And, similar to expert lucid dreamers who are able to wake up at will, expert sublimists can become successful in waking up fully to the sublime reality and discover their real sublime self and purpose.

Sublimism is not the final truth, but like a signpost that enables us to approach a higher truth and substantivity.

Illusion may appear sweet, but ultimately leads to suffering. When we turn to the sublime reality we can expect to reduce many sufferings of humanity, and the following points give support to this view.


2. Increase of Happiness and Mental Health

As mentioned on the homepage, the more people turned away from their real sublime nature due to increasing skeletonism, the more they have become unhappy. Usage of antidepressants have increased drastically; even thousands of children are dependent on them. When humanity will embrace sublimism wide and far, and stop teaching skeletonism at home and in school, we can expect a great increase of happiness of humanity.


3. Reestablishment and Protection of the Natural Understanding of Value, Purpose and Love

What is the value and purpose of life, if there are no agents (souls, selfs, individuals), but everything is reduced to a jumble of matter evolving by chance? According to materialism or physicalism, there are no individuals as we commonly understand it; reality is merely a jumble of chemical reactions. If there are no classical individuals, then what we commonly perceive as love  is pure illusion. Love is a deep feeling of affection between individuals, not just an epiphenomena of some chemical reactions within two lumps of matter.

Materialism completely destroys our natural understanding of value, purpose and love (it may not completely deny their existence, but it reduces them to things which are completely averse to our natural understanding of them). In a world in which value, purpose and love are officially denied their natural propensities, we must not expect people to value life very much. This condition builds the grounds for increasing unhappiness, intolerance, exploitation (including that of nature) and violence.

On the other hand, sublimism is the only approach to life that reestablishes and protects our natural understanding of value, purpose and love, namely that human existence has a sublime value and purpose and that love is real in our common understanding of it as feelings of deep affection between factually existing individuals.


4. Scientific Defeat of Prejudices based on Bodily Identification such as Racism, Sexism and Nationalism

If skeletonism holds true, then we have the following scenario: we are the material body and thus we are of a certain race, gender and country. The only way we can try to minimize prejudices based on bodily identification is by moral judgments such as “we should not judge others based on their race, gender or country, because it harms the social fabric.” However, skeletonism itself causes people to identify with the material body and thus builds the grounds for bodily prejudices. A skeletonist (at least one who has not renounced all morals) can be compared to someone who first causes people to catch a cold and then tells them not to sneeze.

On the other hand, sublimism does not foster bodily prejudices, and it further offers a scientific defeat of such prejudices. Since it can be scientifically shown that we are not the material body, maintaining such prejudices is not only morally objectionable but also against science and logic. The more people become sublimists, the more they will see neither themselves nor others as the material body and its relations, and the more prejudices based on bodily identifications will not even arise in the first place. Elimination of bodily prejudices vanquishes racism, sexism and nationalism, and with them further human vices, as follows below.


5. Effective War Prevention

Although millions of people are trying to stop war with organized efforts, war is continuing worldwide. One of the main reasons thereof is that we are not targeting the root cause of war, but merely secondary causes. Efforts like peace conventions, moral teachings and character building are surely worthy, but they cannot uproot the primary causes of war.

War requires groups of enemies. In most cases, the factor deciding over who is seen as enemy or friend is skeletonistic prejudice: These people are from ‘my’ (body’s) race, country or culture – so they are my friends, and those people are from another race, country or culture – so they are my enemies. Such thinking is rooted out with sublimism. Further, sublimism protects the natural value of life and love (as described earlier) and thus minimizes the chance of being able to hurt or kill others.

And last but not least, it shifts the focus of fighting from external wars to the internal war: the war against our own illusions of skeletonism. Many people possess, at least to some extend, a fighting spirit that must become manifest somehow. The best manifestation of such a spirit is the fight against skeletonism. This fight is a really tough challenge, because despite knowing the truth of sublimism, our habit of following our false ego (the skeletonistic ego) is very difficult to conquer.

The false ego is the most ferocious terrorist: it has hijacked the mental airplanes of all humans; it is the cause of countless sufferings of humanity; and worst of it all, it is so subtle that it can hide in our very minds without even being noticed. Sublimism calls out for a global war against the greatest of all terrorists, the false ego of skeletonism. And as discussed above, if sublimism wins over skeletonism, this is the most effective war prevention.


6. Minimizing Ecological and Economical Disasters and Exploitation of People, Animals and Nature

The spirit of exploitation roots in an illusory conception of a short human life poor of sublime love, value and purpose. It has been explained above how sublimism brings back unstifled love, value and purpose of life. It also enables us to realize that our life is not limited to a few years, but continues after the death of the body. Skeletonism makes us believe that this one short life is all we have.

This belief yields two great dangers: (A) we thus think that there is no value in trying to invest in anything spiritual (as there is nothing spiritual and as we don’t survive bodily death) and thus focus all our energy on material pursuits and (B) we think that since we die at death, after death we don’t have to take the consequences for wrongdoings in this life and thus hesitate less to act recklessly.

This means that we will tend to exploit everything; people, animals and nature, and we will not care if they are polluted or if our lifestyle leads to ecological disasters such as those caused by global warming. 

Sublimism transforms the above mentioned two dangers of skeletonism into their positive counterparts: By accepting that we continue to live after the bodily death, we (A) are moved to embrace our greatest responsibility, namely that of reviving our real, sublime existence, and thus naturally turn away from over-endulgence in material exploitation and (B) knowing that even after death we will have to take the consequences for present wrongdoings, we will care to act in such a way as to minimize harm to any other creature including animal and plant life. be continued. If you want to contribute something, please email us.