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About Us

Who are we, the sublimists? In the broadest sense, we are almost the entire world population. This is so, because even the staunch materialist still thinks in sublimistic ways when it comes to subtle human dealings like ethics and love. It is unlikely, for example, that people will be ready to exchange their romantic idea of love to a purely materialistic vision, namely that their feelings of love are only caused by some chemical reactions in the brain, and that we cannot but mechanically follow the dictates of those reactions like a robot.

In another sense, all people who believe that they survive the death of the material body can be counted amongst the sublimists. According to a poll by Harris Poll in 1998, 84 percent of all Americans believe in a survival of the soul after death. If we assume that this more or less also applies for other countries, we can say that a great majority of the people on earth are sublimists.
The Sublime Reality Initiative is dedicated to exposing the greatest human illusion, the paradigm that the self is the material body. Such identification is called skeletonism. The Sublime Reality Initiative advocates sublimism, the paradigm that the self is a sublime being beyond the material body. For a more detailed definition please study our homepage.